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Championship Rings… What Fundraising can Learn from Professional Sports

Every major sport the world over culminates in some form of championship.  Here in North America we have the National Football League that has the Super Bowl.  The National Hockey League awards the Stanley Cup.  Major League Baseball has the World Series and the National Basketball Association claims World Champions (but if you ask me, both of these are misnomers because they don’t really play against the World). It’s widely known that the championship team receives a trophy and that each player on a winning [...]


Take Five… When a Donor Says “No.”

With American City Bureau Vice President, Bob Hotz If you are in the world of fundraising long enough you will eventually, and inevitably, have a donor tell you “no.” It stings. And, if you let it, a “no” can shake your confidence. I spoke with long-time professional fundraiser and ACB Vice President, Bob Hotz, to get his thoughts on how to handle donor rejection. Dan: In your role as school president, board member and campaign consultant, you’ve been involved in a lot of major gift [...]